HYPER PULSE fungus treatment application, which is providing exact solutions for advanced nail fungus, is number one in forming perfect, healthy nail in 18 sessions.

How To Apply?
  • While inhibiting spread of fungus infection via laser pulse, it is also provided to be destroyed.
  • Healthy tissue shows up after disappearance of fungus cells.
  • Pain and pain sensation disappear.
  • Fungus infected area attains its healthy appearance through recommended products.
Whom To Apply?
  • Applied to anyone who does not possess following conditions and over 18.
  • It will no be applied on and to pregnant women and those who are breastfeeding, open wound and infected areas, those with keloid wound history, those taking medicine causing light sensitivity, irritable skins, those with tumors, those with immune system problems and cancer story, patients of low or high blood pressure, those who are taking blood thinners, those who had skin peeling done on the area where application is desired and those who are taking skin thinning medicines.
  • A session is 15 minutes.
  • Our experts may conduct a program of 18 sessions for permanent results.

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