Cracks going deeper each day resulting from dryness of the skin, reduction of humidity and continuos pressure is the biggest problem today. Our feet inside of shoes all day is a limb carrying the whole load of the body and deserving care the most.

How To Apply?
  • Cracked skin is cleaned with the help of special devices in pedology cabinets.
  • Supporting apparatus and products of German medical specialist Süda are recommended.
  • Fresh tissue in heels shows up after cleaning of cracked skin.
  • Pain and pain sensation disappear.
  • The damaged area attains a healthy appearance by using recommended products.
Whom To Apply?
  • May be applied to anyone who are doing continuous standing work, with weight issues, diabetes and cracked heel condition.
  • A session is 20-30 minutes.
  • Our experts may conduct sessions for control for permanent result.

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