ProNail is a new generation Medical Hand & Foot Health Center concept which is applied by the latest technology podology cabinets.

ProNail Medical Hand & Foot Health Centers, established in Istanbul in 2006, present the newest trends of medical technologies simultaneously with the world with its international partnership structure.

Pronail has a well-deserved reputation for ingrown nail,callus,wart, permanent nail polish, fashion nais services with its dynamic infrastructure that is able to incorporate innovative machinery technologies in the medical hands&foot healthcare of Germany, France and the UK into the saloons simultaneously with the world.

Pronail saloons which creates customer satisfaction as they get service like hospital environment , welcomes hundreds of happy guests by giving Daily services in a cosy unisex environment with a charming decoration at 12 different luxary shopping malls .

Due to the recent quest for hygienic and increasing consciousness , Pronail Hand & Foot Healthcare centers creates bases for its development by continuously growing and making more money.

  • In Pronail Beauty saloons, skin care, hair removal and slimming services with cosmetics and care products are served in the same salon concept.
  • Thanks to medical technology equipment, it creates visible results and ensures brand reliability. The services guarantee the realization of the profit targets of the enterprise with the sale of complementary products.
  • 60% of the total income is obtained from services and 40% is obtained from product sales.
  • The cost of service production is around 10% and the profit margin of the service sales is up to 500%.
  • The profit margin, which is between 80% and 120% in product sales, is the guarantee of the net profit of the saloon after the sale.
  • Pronail Saloons combine high profitability of beauty services and complementary product sales in one store.
  • Costs and risks of stocking are low. Shelf life of the products is 3 to 5 years, there is no limit of season and discount period.
  • In Pronail Saloons, It offers a wide range of prices for service and products in the range of min. $25 with max $5000. In this way, it enables to reach maximum sales targets with a small number of customers related to purchasing power of the customers.

Pronail Medical Hands&Foot Healthcare Saloons serve for women and men between the ages of 18-65.

Skin and body care services consist of periodic treatments sold in 6 to 8 session packages. Guests who bought a packed treatment can rapidly increase the customer portfolio of the saloon and reduce the risks by making future revenues visible.

High-tech machines which produce noticeable results and professional product quality that maximize benefits to increase customer loyalty. The rightful reputation is spreading from mouth to mouth and creates its own advertising business model.

Pronail franchise system keeps all the saloons connected to each other and to the center with an international network.

The web-based CRM (customer registration and management) system delivers all customer records and service details to the “cloud” and archives them in “cloud” and ensures customer information is accessible.

The RA operating system used in the saloons integrates the CRM management, online reservation, digital marketing, stock planning, accounting registration and invoicing system.

24-hour online booking system of Pronail Medical Hands&Foot Healthcare Saloons lets you earning money even while you sleep.

By means of powerful CRM and digital marketing network covering Russia, the Middle East and Europe, customer flow can be sustained . Individuals who are interested in or receive information about the services in the region are invited to special saloons with special advertisements, divided into special target groups according to their age, location and even education level.

Pronail considers candidates to be included in the franchise system as long-term investment partners. The most important foundation of this partnership is trust, transparency and brand awareness.

Franchise expected from investors, to create brand awareness and credibility in their region is also showing the highest effort to improve the reputation of the brand.

During the partnership, the investor should maintain transparency and respect brand use rights.

Pronail saloons are managed with a 360 degree digital infrastructure. Franchise investors to operate these systems, execute and should have a minimum knowledge of business in order to keep the headquarters in integrated communication or the work force is expected to provide about it.

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